Jon Reed interviews Dave Dickson was originally published on Jon Reed's website in 2002 and is now reprinted for with express permission of Jon Reed.

Special note from Jon Reed:
"I would like to thank Jukka and Cory Lambert for their efforts getting this piece back online. Eventually I hope to get more of my music archives back online, but in the meantime, it's great to have this piece back up for Hanoi fans everywhere. During one epic three hour phone call, Dave Dickson provided a rare glimpse into the origins of this legendary band, as well as their historical impact. I will always be thankful that Dave was willing to share such a personal story with all of us."

Just Once in a Lifetime: Looking Back on the Life and Fast Times of Hanoi Rocks

An in-depth interview with Dave Dickson, music journalist

(Dave Dickson is speaking from Los Angeles, date: January 10, 2002)

Jon Reed's interview introduction
Quick guide to the interview - bio's, chronology, dedication, etc.

Tracing Hanoi's musical influences
Hanoi in Kerrang!: a wild card in a metal mag
Seeing Hanoi live for the first time: musical true love
Hanoi's Kerrang! debut - Oriental Beat
Great rock songwriters with a punk soul
Group chemistry - the right band at the right time
Milestone - Back to Mystery City
Hanoi live - in person and on record
Two Steps from the Move - "the beginning of the end"
Bad blood, blame, and hard times
Guns N' Roses, Hanoi, and the quest for fame in the U.S.
Pushing the envelope: Michael's image and Andy's attitude
The "James Dean of Rock 'n' Roll"
Looking back: grabbing a piece of the legend
Hanoi and hit singles - "just a matter of time"
Michael and Andy reunited - new collaborations and lessons learned
Michael breaks out: the evolution of a songwriter
Michael and Andy - moving on
Timeless words - Dave's Hanoi tribute
Hanoi, drugs, and rock 'n' roll - Dave goes "on the record"