Flexi discs & sound postcards

The flexis are thin and flexible sheets of plastic cut with the grooves of a record. The recording quality is low. The exact info on Russian six inch flexis is hard or impossible to find. The self-made covers, colours and shapes of the plastic sheets may vary. There are at least four different sets of Russian Hanoi Rocks flexis. In this context, they are designated as follows:
- Budkon flexis
- Shaped/Sing soloist flexis
- EM/Variety sounds flexis
- Three mystery flexis = ?

"BUDKON" flexis
"Budkon" flexis were made in the late 80's/early 90's. The Self-made covers and the colours of the plastic may vary.

11th Street Kids (Budkon 8857)
Beating Gets Faster (Budkon 8658)
Beer And The Cigarette (Budkon 4548)
Boulevard Of Broken Street (Budkon 3330)
Cafe Avenue (Budkon 1030)
Cheyenne (Budkon 4297)
Cutting Corners (Budkon 4953)
Dead By X-Mass (Budkon 1146)
Desperados (Budkon 3397)
Devil Woman (Budkon 9719)
Don`T Ever Leave (Budkon 4917)
Don`T Wollow Me (Budkon 1033)
Fallen Star (Budkon 9632)
First Timer (Budkon 4088)
High School (Budkon 9135)
I Feel Alright (Budkon 1373)
Ice Cream Summer (Budkon 1072)
Kill City (Budkon 10096)
Kill City (Budkon 9708)
Lick Summer Love (Budkon 1127)
Lighnin` Bar Blues (Budkon 4316)
Looking At You (Budkon 10018)
Love`S An Injection (Budkon 1144)
M.c. Baby (Budkon 8655)
Magic Carpet Ride (Budkon 8144)
Malibu Beach (Budkon 10096)
Mental Beat (Budkon 4311)
Million Miles Away (Budkon 8826)
Motorvaitin (Budkon 3709)
No Law Or Order (Budkon 9128)
Nothing New (Budkon 3395)
Oriental Beat (Budkon 9805)
Pipeline (Budkon 4547)
Pretender (Budkon 9701)
“Rock Masters” (Budkon 3277)
Stop Crying (Budkon 4388)
Strange Boys Play Weird Openings (Budkon 9291)
Taxi Driver (Budkon 10002)
TCP (Plain) (Budkon 9628)
Train Kept-A-Rollin (Budkon 4310)
Under My Wheels (Budkon 1365)
Underwater World (Budkon 4963)
Until I Get You (Budkon 8883)
Walking With My Angel (Budkon 8810)
Whispers In The Dark (Budkon 3069)
Village Girl (Budkon 4952)
Visitor (Budkon 9693)

The writing on the cover translates to "Sing Soloists". No label printed on the flexis. The colours and the shapes of the plastic sheets may vary.

Two Steps From The Move (Tulip shape flexi) (M199T)
Two Steps From The Move (Octagon shape flexi) (M199E)
Tragedy (Heart shape flexi) (A361/H)
Tragedy (Diamond shape flexi) (A361/D)
Tragedy (Triangle shape flexi) (A361/T)
Pipeline (Vase shape flexi) (R164)

EM stands for "Variety Sounds". Made in mid/late 2000's. The Colours of the plastic may vary.

Dead By Xmas (EM 03450)
Fast Car (EM 03455)
In My Darkest Moment (EM 03463)
Rock 'N' Roll (EM 03471)
People Like Me (EM 03476)
Up Around The Bend (EM 03479)

"?" Flexi`s
The colours of the plastic may vary.

Two Steps From The Move (694)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (697)
Tragedy (695)

Polish four inch sound postcards are as mysterious as Russian flexis. They look like standard postcards on the back, but on the front an analogue recording is engraved in a thin layer of laminate. The recording quality is as low as the flexis.

Malibu Beach 1993 (Zakopane Muzeum cover)
Malibu Beach 1993 (Zakopane Dolina Koscieliska cover)
Malibu Beach 1993 (Historia Polski cover )
Malibu Beach 1993 (Chinese Lantern cover)
Malibu Beach 1993 (Horse cover)
Boiler (Miedzy Nami, Santa Claus cover)
Boiler (Miedzy Nami, Candle cover)
Futurama (Martwa Natura Z Jabtkami painting cover)
Looking At You (Patrol Powstanczy cover)
No title 1992 (Zamosc cover, reprint)

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