Terry Chimes

Terry attended only few gigs when he was at Hanoi Rocks so it is dubious to call him as a regular band member. Terry still played with post-Hanoi line-up Cherry Bombz for nearly three years. That's why we think his biography should be included.

1970 – London
Terry Chimes was fifteen when he started playing drums in 1970.

1975 – London
In 1975 Mick Jones and Tony James (later at Chelsea) formed a semi-legendary punk band called London SS. Terry was included in the rapidly changing line-up with Brian James (later The Damned), Nicky ”Topper” Headon and Paul Simonon. Nevertheless London SS had minor reputation, they never performed live.

1976-1977 – London
Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Terry continued with their own band project that also included Keith Levene. Soon they booted Levene and hired Joe Strummer instead. During this period Terry decided to call it quits and left the band that was re-named as The Clash. After a while he came back to play in their first album but left the band again because of the righteous hostility towards him by other bandmembers.

1979 – London
In 1979 Terry played at Cowboys International that also released an album The Original Sin. After the band split up, Terry joined Generation X (Billy Idol's band). Other members in that band were bass player Tony James (familiar from London SS) and various guitarists like Bob Andrews, Steve New, Danny Kustow, Steve Jones and John McKeogh.

1980 – London
In 1980 Generation X changed its name to Gen-X and few months later Billy Idol left the group and moved to USA where he created a very succesful solo career. Gen-X then broke up and Terry, being the first choice drummer, joined Stiv Bators' band Lords Of The New Church. For reasons unknown, Terry was soon after this changed to Nicky Turner.

1982 – London
In 1982 Clash's Topper Headon's drug problem was so enormous that Terry was asked to join the band's US Tour where they were warming-up The Who. Terry also played at Clash's album Combat Rock but after this he left the band again.

1984 – London
In October 1984 Terry joined Johnny Thunders' band where also were bass player Keith Yon (ex-Tribesmen) and guitarist Dick Trueman. The band toured with Hanoi Rocks and Babysitters in England and Scotland (11 Oct - 22 Oct). Part of the Leicester gig (21 Oct) was included in Thunders' Johnny On The Rocks bootleg.

After this tour Thunders headed to Northern Ireland (26 Oct – 27 Oct at TV Club and Belfast Queens). Before that Trueman had been kicked out of the band. Others can be heard at Johnny Thunders' albums Belfast Rocks and Belfast Nights. On 29 October this line-up performed at Tufnell Park Savoy in London with March Violets and Three Johns. In November 1984 Tony St. Helene, who was simply known as T, replaced Terry when they were heading to Europe for a tour.

1985-1987 – London
After Razzle died, Hanoi Rocks were seeking for a new drummer. They still had the Kulttuuritalo concerts in Helsinki and Polish Tour that had been previously agreed to play. Mötley Crue's Tommy Lee was a volunteer for that job but he had no time to learn the songs so Hanoi had to turn down his kind offer. Then they thought about hiring Mark Laffin (Generation X) and Rat Scabies (The Damned) but decided to ask another Generation X drummer, Terry. He had only three or four rehearsal days with the band before the Helsinki concerts that were re-named as memorial concerts for Razzle (3 & 4 January 1985). In addition to these concerts, Terry played with the band during their last tour, Polish Tour. After this Hanoi Rocks broke-up when Michael Monroe announced his departure from the band.

In practise Hanoi's last line-up (Rene Berg being replaced with Timo Kaltio) continued under name Cherry Bombz. Andy's latest acquaintance Anita Chellemah was hired as their lead singer. Her biggest ”hit” had been I Eat Cannibals with Toto Coelo-band. Because of Hanoi Rocks, Cherry Bombz received much attention in Finland and Europe.

Little later Kaltio left the band and he was replaced with Dave Tregunna (Lords Of The New Church). Although expectations were high and mighty this cherry bomb turned out to be a dud and the band broke-up after Andy had sacked Chellemah. Cherry Bombz released two 7” singles, one 12” single, one EP, one live-album and one live-video.

1987-1988 – London
After Cherry Bombz Terry joined Black Sabbath when they were having their Eternal Idol Tour's British part. Other members were Tony Iommi, Tony Martin, Jo Burt and Geoff Nicholls. After the tour the band broke-up.

1992-1993 – London
In 1992 and 1993 Terry played with Les McKeown And The 70's Bay City Rollers and they released one album: Loveletter. After this Terry made a decision to end his musical career and since 1994, he has practised as a chiropractor in Essex at his clinic, Chimes Chiropractic.


He had only three or four rehearsal days with the band before the Helsinki concerts.