1977 – Binstead, Isle Of Wight
Nicholas ”Razzle” Dingley started banging drums in 1977 when he was inspired by the music of Sex Pistols and The Damned. He attended many local bands at Binstead, one was called Thin Red Line.

1980-1981 – London
In 1980 Razzle moved to London and played in many small time punk-bands e.g. at a band that had a very sophisticated name: Fuck Pigs.

1981-1982 – London
Razzle's first band that was noticed in the rock scene was Demon Preacher (formed by Nik Fiend who later formed a band called Alien Sex Fiend). Nobody knows about the band's line-up but it is pretty much sure that Razzle was involved in one of them. According to him, they tried to sound like Alice Cooper. He also played (and even recorded) in a band The Dark and they were playing very heavy punk rock, near heavy metal according to Razzle. In 1981 they recorded a single The Masque / War Zone. In 1982 they released a live EP ”The Living End” which was recorded in the band's last concert at 100 Club in London.

1982-1984 – London/Helsinki
Razzle saw Hanoi Rocks for the first time when he was reading Sounds-magazine. He later went to see them at ZigZag Club where they were playing. Razzle was convinced that Hanoi was the band he was destined to join in. After Hanoi had sacked Gyp Casino they hired Razzle as his substitute. Nevertheless Razzle's picture was printed on the cover of Self Destruction Blues, he didn't play a single bar in the record.

In addition to Hanoi Rocks Razzle, Sami and Andy visited Japanese Yasuaki Honda's album Angel Of Glass. In 1983 Sami, Nasty Suicide and Razzle recorded an album with Knox (Vibrators) that was titled as Fallen Angels. And although Knox continued performing and recording with a band called Fallen Angels, members of Hanoi never played live with him except Nasty who every now and then visited the band's line-up.

8th of December 1984 – Redondo Beach, California, USA
Razzle died on 8th of December 1984 in an accident where a drunkard Vincent N. Wharton (better known as Vince Neil) lost the control of his car while going to local off-license and busted the other cars on the road.

Razzle was UK citizen and is therefore buried in England and that is the reason why the official date of the death is 9th of December because that was the date in England when the accident happened.


Who's the drummer? I'll take his place nevertheless that means I have to break his legs.