Gyp Casino

1979 – Stockholm
Jesper Sporre started his musical career in a band called Warzawa. Other members were Tony Fritzdorf, Olle Bäcklund and Joakim Hjor af Ornäs. In the same year Jeppe influenced in Warheads that had Pelle Almgren, Stellan Hemringen and Björne Fröberg who later appeared in The Nomads. Band's music is released in a collection album Let It Out and the Warheads songs are I Lost My Legs In The War and Today Can't Be... Again in 1979 Jesper played in Holiday Inn band that had Richard Mattsson, Joakim Hjor af Ornäs and various bass players in the line-up. During these times Jesper met Andy Hulkko who had arrived to Stockholm after his disputes with Pete Malmi. Together with Carl Michael ”Calix” Herlöfsson and Andy, Jeppe formed Nymphomaniacs. Makke Fagerholm from Finland was planned to be the band's bass player but he never achieved to play in the band before the split and Andy had also returned back to Finland.

1980-1982 – Stockholm/London
In 1980 Andy contacted Jeppe and asked him to join Hanoi Rocks as their drummer. After accepting the offer Jeppe started to search a proper training flat for the band and it didn't take long before others moved into it. It was then when he changed his name to Gyp Casino after his idol Casino Steel. More about his adventures with Hanoi at ”The Story” –section.

1982 - Stockholm
In 1982 Jeppe's feelings towards other Hanoi members got colder and after a fight with Andy during a concert he was sacked from the band. He then returned to Stockholm where he formed Rex De Rox with Joakim Hjor af Ornäs, Urban Pettersson, Svante Karlsson and Johan Fredriksson. They made one EP for EMI.

In 1983 Jeppe formed Road Rats with Conny Blomqvist and Andy Christell who was replaced later with Danne Lagerstedt who had been sacked from Easy Action. Road Rats were more popular in Finland than in Sweden and therefore they toured in here more often than in Sweden. Later his and Hanoi's relationship became closer and Road Rats performed many times as a warm-up band for Hanoi. Road Rats released two singles for a Finnish record company: Satisfaction In Jeans / Pink Satin Cloud and Smoking In The Boysroom / Lips That Touch The Liquour. Before the break-up in 1985 they recorded an LP but it was never released. Immediately after the split he formed Rolene. He swapped drums to guitar and Danny back to Andy Christell. Ben Tell also joined the group. They then released two singles: Rollin' With Rolene / Boys Talk and Wouldn't You Like To Know Me / Beep Beep Yeah. They also released an LP: Rollin' With Rolene.

At the end of the eighties Jeppe joined Alligator Wine and made few concerts in Stockholm with them. The band recorded few demos with a line-up of: Stevie Klasson (Diamond Dogs and Johnny Thunders band), Thomas Nestler (Kebnekajse) and Jeppe.

In 1989 Jeppe, Pelle Almgren, Carl Michael Herlöfssen, Jonne Solberg, Dan Lagerstedt, Anders Ben Tell and Christian Andre formed Pelle Almgren & Wow Liksom. They performed in Swedish and had few hit songs in there. They released three singles: Omåomigen / Du Som Elskar, Vild MC Flicka / Inåutigen (LIVE) and Marianne / Vild MC Flicka (LIVE) / Omåomigen (LIVE) / Dinga Linga Lena (LIVE). They also released an album Allting Är Bra. They also attended a tribute album to Abba (ABBA The Tribute) with a song Does Your Mother Know.

In 1994 after Andy McCoy returned to Finland from America Jeppe and Dan Lagersted was invited to join Andy's band. This was organised by a music agency in Finland in haste to get a supporting band to Andy. All in all, Shooting Gallery Tour was a total catastrophe but it wasn't Jeppe's or Dan's fault. Andy and singer Esa Palosaari were the responsible ones for the fiasco.

In 1995 Jeppe played in Andy's solo album Building On Tradition and he also attended Andy's tour. Three singles came out from that album: Strung Out / I'm Gonna Roll, Unconditional Love / Let It Rock / Heart Attack / Candle Burnt Down and Foxfield Junction / Born Again Electric. By the year 1997 this Live Ammo band was history. Then Jeppe recorded a song Sabre Dance with Royal Disharmonic Orchestra (that also had Andy Christell and Dregen (Backyard Babies and Hellacopters) in the line-up). This song was released in a B-side to Conny Bloom (ex-Conny Blomqvist) song Last Mistake. Sabre Dance was a song that Road Rats used as a pre-concert intro.

In 2000 Jeppe and his friends Conny Bloom, Andy Christell and Micke Borg recorded a song You Wanna Know What It's Like to the tribute album of The Boys. Album's called TCP. They called themselves as Gyp Casino & His Honest Brats.


They also attended a tribute album to Abba (ABBA The Tribute) with a song Does Your Mother Know.