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10/08/2022 Andy McCoy - Jukebox Junkie is available on orange marble vinyl & black vinyl and on CD. Read more.
31/07/2022 The remixed Oriental Beat will be released in November! Read more.
06/07/2022 Vinyl release of Demolition 23. album is available to pre-order! Read more.
17/06/2022 Michael Monroe - The Best Kept Secret in Rock'n'Roll documentary will premiere in 2023.
14/06/2022 Michael Monroe - I Live Too Fast to Die Young! available now. Read more.
14/06/2022 Stenfors - Family Album is available on vinyl, CD and c-cassette. Read more.
04/02/2022 Razzle - The story of the Hanoi Rocks legend by Ari Väntänen is now available to order. Read more.
22/01/2022 Sami Yaffa's autobiography The Road Bends available from Rare Bird. Read more.

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The Story of Hanoi Rocks

series is based on hundreds of newspaper, radio, TV and Internet articles and interviews and also books related to the band.

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Trivial info

The first Hanoi Rocks album was originally called Some Like It Hot according to Michael's Marilyn Monroe t-shirt.

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